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Clergy, CASA and Community is an initiative by Texas CASA to build a network of faith communities and leaders that will champion speaking up for local children in foster care and their families. Our goal is to see communities and clergy leaders coming together to live out their calling and be a voice for the children who need them, and to develop a rich network that engages new Advocates and supporters for the CASA mission.

Ways Your Church Community Can Collaborate with CASA of the High Plains           Contact us 

Collect a Special Offering for our Client Aid Fund–Children in foster care often have needs beyond what is covered by the foster care system. Sometimes a graduating senior needs help paying for their cap and gown, or a grandmother who has agreed to be placement for her grandchildren needs help buying beds so the children have somewhere to sleep, or maybe a middle schooler would like to attend summer camp but their foster family can’t afford the fee. CASA of the High Plains Client Aid Fund is designed to help meet some of those extra needs. Donations to this fund must be designated as a Client Aid Fund donation when the donation is received.

Gift Card Drive for Teens–We serve kids of all ages, including teenagers. Teens want to be celebrated on their birthdays, at Christmas, or at other important milestones. We find that teens can sometimes be forgotten when folks are looking for opportunities to give. We believe teens in foster care deserve to be celebrated, and also deserve to feel like they “fit in”. One small way we can help accomplish both of those things is to have gift cards on hand for stores where teens like to shop. If you’d like to coordinate a gift card drive with your church community, please contact us for our wish list of gift cards for teens.

Request us as a Guest Speaker–We would love to come speak to your Bible study, small group, Wednesday night service, or any other time you might need a speaker. We are always excited to speak about what we do at CASA of the High Plains, about our need for volunteer Advocates for children in foster care, as well as other ways your church community can support our mission.

New Toy Drive–Children in foster care leave most of their belongings behind when they are removed from their families, and sometimes when they move from one placement to another. It’s not unusual for these children to spend a year or more in foster care. This means they are spending their birthdays and Christmas away from their families. We believe these kids deserve to celebrate these holidays with brand new gifts, just like we celebrate with our families. For this reason we only accept new items for our toy closet, which is available for Advocates to come select a gift to take on visits that happen around these special occasions.

Add Children in Foster Care to your Prayer List–If you are unable to help in any other way at this time, please consider adding children in foster care to your prayer list.

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